Day pass entry
For first-timers (all first timers need to be registered)

Includes day pass, one-off registration fee (Free), harness hire and safety briefing for all first-timers.

Adult $28

Student $25


Day pass entry prices

All prices for a full day of climbing any day of the week.

Adult $19

Student $17

Gear hire

Harness $5

Shoes $6

Chalk bag + chalk $5

Gear combo (harness + shoes + chalk) $12


No time limits!

All prices are for unlimited climbing for one day. Once the entry fee is paid, you can climb, leave the gym and come back and continue climbing on the same day. So you can climb as long as you want!

There is a one time registration fee of $5 for all first timers.

Punch cards (valid for 1 year)
10 Visits

Adults — $162

Students — $135


20 Visits

Adults — $288

Students — $240

Punch cards can be bought and used for multiple people, providing the purchasing member is present. So buy one and share it with your mates. Please remember, the owner of the punch card needs to be present to authorise the deduction.

Become a member and receive unlimited entry during the membership period, harness hire and a 10% discount on gear purchases in the shop, excluding guidebooks and items $10 and under.



$90 adult / $70 student

Quarterly (3 months)

$232 adult / $180 student


“Freeze” and “thaw” options are available for Quarterly and Half Yearly members.

For a small admin fee ($5), “freeze” your membership if you are not planning to use it for a while and then “thaw” it when you’re ready to climb again.